About me

My name is Andrew Tarusov (1986), I am a Russian-born artist and animator. I live in Los Angeles, California. I've always had a strong passion for pin-ups, comics and animations. After studying at VGIK I worked for 10 years in the field of illustration and animation for a lot of companies.

I am married and I have two lovely dogs.



I always take part in various exhibitions with pleasure!
Here are the exhibitions in which I participated.


  • Moscow Comic-Con 2019

  • Personal exhibition at the Rybinsk City Museum, August-September, 2017

  • Game of Thrones, Solyanka, personal exhibition, June 8-26, 2016

  • Long Beach Comic Expo 2016

  • Moscow Comic Convention 2016

  • Portugal, Lisbon Charivari # 1, Lisbon Cultural Laboratory 2015

  • Slovakia, Bratislava, Disney Alternative 2015

  • Spain, Ibiza, ART IBIZA “Once” 2015

  • "Keys", Art Deco Center, Moscow, 2012

  • "Kinoartel" Flacon Art Factory, Moscow, 2011

  • “Personal exhibition of Andrei Tarusov”, Ukhtomsky House, Rybinsk, 2007


My clients

Here are some of my clients I have worked with. You will see the illustrations that I made for them  after clicking on the logo.



My works has been published in the great amount of different magazines and websites. Here are some of them.