"It has always been a dream of mine to release my own art book.
Like, you aren’t even a real artist until you have your own book of pictures!"

The book will include all of Tarusov’s best work. The artist sorted each piece, and then describes everything about it in his own words. Additionally he includes a short autobiography and the story of what lies behind every picture series. (The text will be printed in both Russian and English because it will be selling internationally as well). Andrew Tarusov’s work is accessible to all audiences, and he already has a huge following. It’s no wonder Tarusov’s resume is so vast. Everyone loves his work, and everyone wants to know more about it. 
Included with the book are QR-codes which are built into some images. You will be able to simply scan one with your smartphone to receive access to the actual drawing process video of the artwork or animation. (See attached example below for reference).  
 Dimensions for the comprehensive hardcover book will be 210x297 mm (A4). And the offset print selected by Tarusov will only make everything look better.
Great Dean Yeagle will write a foreword for the book!

Special thanks to:  Project-Nerd Publishing for supporting my ideas,
Great Pin-Up Artist Dean Yeagle
and Nathan Aardvark (Cool tutorials are here)

This is a PRE-ORDER of a book. The book is still in process of creating.

It will be released and delivered after SEPTEMBER 2017

$60 (Worldwide shipping included)
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