Football Pin-Up

World Cup Russia

Calendar 2018-2019

In the summer of 2018, the FIFA World Cup was held in Russia. The event was truly legendary, and many of my subscribers wanted to know my reaction to it. Meaning, of course, another sports calendar. At some point, a commissioner actually hired me to produce it but the collaboration didn’t extend past the first picture. He didn't want to see my girls actually playing football in the calendar pages. The expectation was for the models to be portrayed only in passive, secondary roles — cheerleaders, nurses and girlfriends of wealthy fans.

That sublimation of women in these sports scenes didn’t suit me, so we quickly said goodbye. But many sketches were already done, and I decided to continue on in a manner that I felt the subject deserved. The calendar depicts football players from different countries in funny and stereotypical situations for this sport. Another odd feature of this calendar is that it spans June 2018 to May 2019, appropriate since the championship was held in the summer.

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