Game of Thones

Pin-Up Series

I learned about the show in 2014, when the fifth season aired. My wife and I waited for each series and enthusiastically speculated about each new episode’s plot. Based on my predictions and interpretations, I drew Cersei on the Iron throne as the quintessence of all that I saw happening on the screen. People liked my idea, and I made a challenge to myself — to paint a character a day and publish each on social media. Soon I noticed that the number of followers I had was growing exponentially, and decided to continue the series. Therefore it was necessary to dilute the collection with the secondary characters.

For every girl I tried to come up with a unique piece. With men, "Game of Thrones" I did not carry out such experiments, limited to a few illustrations. There were, of course, without condemning comments: fans of George R. R. Martin's books who often reproach me for my image of a young Arya in pin-up style. In my own defense, I can say that I was motivated only by the show, where all the actresses looked old enough.

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